Press Release

Prior to the start of this academic year, Victory Sports Medicine generously donated three pieces of workout equipment to the Weedsport Central School District. The student-athletes at Weedsport are excited to have the new equipment and the coaches anticipate that the introduction of the equipment will raise interest level and ultimately improve fitness.

The Lateral Pull Down/Row combination machine was used by The Weedsport CSD Varsity football team as well as the girls’ Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Modified basketball teams for weight training purposes throughout the summer of 2013. The Leg Extension/Hamstring Curl combination will soon be positioned in the weight room.

“The equipment donated by Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics provides an instant upgrade to our weight training facility,” said Weedsport Athletic Director Jamie Carr. “The newly-acquired machines offer our student-athletes a wide range of fitness exercises that will help them prepare for competition and reduce the risk of injury.”

It is anticipated that these first two machines will be heavily used by student-athletes who are members of Weedsport’s interscholastic teams and also be used by students in their physical education classes.

The third piece of equipment, The Total Gym Power Tower (body weight/suspension type of resistance), will be targeted for use primarily as an injury rehabilitation machine. The District’s Athletic Trainer will be instrumental in guiding the school in using it with student-athletes that are progressing through a rehabilitation program.

“In these times of financial restraint for the school district, we are indebted to Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics for their benevolence,” said Weedsport Superintendent Shaun O’Connor. “This enhancement to our equipment may not have been possible without Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics’ donation.”

About Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics

Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, founded by Marc Pietropaoli, MD, is the leading sports medicine and orthopedics group in Central New York, providing innovative clinical care and outstanding customer service to patients of all ages since 1999. Victory Sports Medicine’s vision is to provide healthcare, sports, and wellness for the world, beginning with a focus on excellent, comprehensive sports and musculoskeletal healthcare in a friendly, caring, community-based environment that emphasizes prevention.