V-Fit Mission: 

To provide an atmosphere not found in your traditional gym setting.  Regardless of one’s ability or training background, individuals will be encouraged to confront their mental and physical “limitations” and improve themselves beyond a mere physical appearance. 

Why V-FIT? 

An advantage of V-Fitness is that your workout takes place in an integrated healthcare facility with daily access to your physician, providers, physical therapists and athletic trainers.  This whole-team environment with constant communication helps provide a seamless transition from injury, to rehabilitation, to the conditioning needed to return to the field, court, or life in general.  Not only do our specialists focus on sport / activity specific training, but they will also establish goals to prevent injuries from occurring in the future 

Achieve Your Fitness Goals & Avoid Injury  

All too often are fitness goals met with injury or physical setbacks that delay or prevent an individual from achieving their health, wellness, and fitness goals.  For over ten years, V-Fit at Victory Sports Medicine has helped clients across the country overcome training, fitness, health, and nutritional obstacles to achieve their goals all while avoiding injury and physical setbacks.  The V-Fit staff takes a holistic approach backed by medicine for each client, identifying the best and most effective training techniques for enhancing health, wellness, and fitness – all while individualizing each approach to avoid injury.  Our certified strength & conditioning specialists, athletic trainers, and nutritional experts offer each client the mentality and skills needed to elevate not just their fitness status, but their overall lifestyles – regardless of their background or starting point.   

By working in an integrated healthcare facility with daily access to orthopedic physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers our V-Fit staff is highly-trained in understanding the medicine and science behind training and injury prevention which allows for a seamless transition between rehabilitation, prevention, and conditioning.  Through their training, our specialists implement the most effective personalized training and wellness plans backed my medicine and science for each client, setting them on the most efficient path to achieve their physical, mental, and prevention goals.  By focusing on specific physical anatomy, biomechanics, and functional training techniques, the V-Fit program enables clients to better understand how their body feels, responds, and activates while maximizing performance and health.  These holistic, innovative fitness techniques paired with a dynamic, personalized methodology backed by medicine, allow clients to maximize their performance and goals.   

No matter your starting point – a high-school, college, or professional athlete, or just a regular every-day individual – your health, wellness, and fitness goals can be achieved all while preventing setbacks through V-Fit.  Regardless of one’s ability or training background, individuals will be able to confront their perceived mental and physical “limitations” and improve themselves beyond a mere physical appearance.  Begin your journey today with V-Fit!   

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V- Fitness Services:

V-Fitness provides fitness and sports performance training for athletes, weekend warriors, and those simply looking to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Each of our high-intensity 6 – 8 week training programs include the following:

  • Aerobic fitness
  • Strength training
  • Core exercises
  • Speed & Agility
  • Balance/ stability training
  • Flexibility & Stretchin

V- Fitness Can Help…


Learn safe & proper exercise form and techniques to prevent injury all while getting fit


Train in-season or off-season to improve performance and stay in the game


Take your fitness training to the next level in a high intensity, motivating atmosphere


Resistance training helps combat osteoporosis. Improve your core strength, stability and remain injury free

Transition from Rehab

Take the final step after rehabbing an injury before getting back to your sport or active lifestyle

With V-Fitness, your workout takes place in an integrated healthcare & wellness facility with daily access to orthopedic and sports medicine providers, physical therapists, athletic trainers and strength & conditioning specialists. All of our trainers are also medical professionals!

Our integrated-team environment helps provide a seamless transition from injury, to rehabilitation, to the conditioning needed to return to the field, court, or life in general.

The training includes in-depth instruction and tips covering all aspects of the latest exercise, nutrition, sports performance training, injury prevention and fitness and health & wellness techniques.

Through a variety of assessments and conversations, objective and subjective information will be gathered to identify where you are now, and goals will be established detailing where you would like to end up. With this information, we will develop a personalized program to meet your needs.