Strength & Conditioning Services

Meet Our Strength & Conditioning Specialist:

Meet Adam, our dedicated Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Adam holds a B.S. in Athletic Training from Marywood University and a Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Mary. With valuable experience at Sanford Orthopedics, Adam has honed his skills in athlete performance enhancement. He is certified by the BOC as an Athletic Trainer and is a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Drawing on his in-depth understanding of muscular and skeletal anatomy, proficiency in strength and conditioning principles, and a history of working with both healthy and injured individuals, Adam tailors diverse, effective, and safe workout programs for his clients under the V-Fit banner.

Explore V-Fitness Services:

V-Fitness is your gateway to elevated fitness levels and sports performance enhancement, catering to athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone seeking an active and healthier lifestyle. Our structured 6-8-week high-intensity training programs encompass the following elements:

  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Core Exercises
  • Balance and Stability Training
  • Flexibility and Stretching

Insurance and V-Fit:

Unveil a unique advantage with V-Fit: insurance coverage is not required. Liberated from the constraints of insurance-mandated protocols, we craft individualized approaches that align with your holistic fitness objectives.

Distinguishing V-Fit from Personal Training:

While personal training predominantly concentrates on enhancing overall strength and conditioning, V-Fit encompasses a broader spectrum of fitness dimensions. When you engage with a V-Fit expert, you’re collaborating with a healthcare professional. Whether it’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an Athletic Trainer, or a Doctor of Physical Therapy, you’re under the guidance of a proficient individual capable of identifying a wide array of limitations. Moreover, you’re situated within a facility that houses an orthopedic surgeon, a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistants, and nurses. This comprehensive team possesses access to a multitude of modalities and imaging resources, which can be employed at the discretion of your V-Fit professional if the need arises.

Designing Your V-Fit Frequency:

For optimal results, we recommend participating in V-Fit sessions 2-3 times a week, consistently over a minimum of 6 weeks. This timeframe aligns with the general guideline for cultivating strength. However, it’s important to underline that this program is tailored precisely to your individual requirements.

The Versatility of V-Fitness:

For Beginners: A nurturing environment to master proper exercise techniques, preventing injury while building fitness. For Athletes: Elevate your performance during both in-season and off-season periods, safeguarding against injuries. For Adults: Experience intensive workouts in a motivating ambiance, propelling your fitness journey to new heights. For the Elderly: Enhance core strength, stability, overall fitness, and injury resilience. Transition from Rehabilitation: Bridge the gap between rehabilitation and full activity by seamlessly transitioning through the V-Fit program.

What sets us apart?

At V-Fitness, your fitness journey unfolds within an integrated healthcare and wellness facility, ensuring easy access to orthopedic and sports medicine experts, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and strength & conditioning specialists. This collaborative ecosystem facilitates a smooth progression from injury to rehabilitation, culminating in tailored conditioning that primes you for your sport, activity, or daily life.

Why Choose V-Fitness?

Our training encompasses comprehensive guidance spanning the latest in exercise, nutrition, sports performance training, injury prevention, and overall health and wellness strategies.

Crafting Your Path to Success:

Through meticulous assessments and thoughtful conversations, we gather both objective and subjective information to gauge your current status and establish well-defined goals. Armed with this insight, we curate a personalized program tailored to your unique needs.

Hear from Our Patients:

“I’ve completed 40 sessions in the V-Fit program. Thanks to my dedicated trainer, I’ve gained remarkable endurance and strength. Joining this program was the highlight of my 2018.” – Testimonial from a 68-year-old female participant

“Post-surgery rehab opened the door not just to shoulder recovery, but also to mastering various exercises for overall fitness. The expertise of Victory Sports Medicine’s athletic trainers motivated me to continue my fitness journey, leading me to the V-Fit program. It taught me proper exercise techniques and pushed me mentally and physically to reach my goals. I wholeheartedly endorse the V-Fit program at Victory Sports Medicine!” – Feedback from a 46-year-old male following rotator cuff repair

Unlock Your Triumph:

If you’re seeking to reinvigorate your fitness journey, V-Fit at Victory Sports Medicine and Orthopedics is your answer. Our skilled team of professionals will support you through every stage, from planning to progress, aiding you in achieving victory in all aspects of life.

Get in touch now to arrange a consultation and delve into how V-Fit can empower you to emerge stronger than before.