What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a specialty practice, providing care for athletic and recreational injuries sustained by people of all ages. Today’s athlete can be a little league baseball player, a working mother interested in staying fit, or a senior citizen who golfs on the weekend. These people, in addition to high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, will benefit from the care of a sports medicine professional. Through advances in both surgical and non-surgical techniques, orthopedic sports medicine specialists have been able to treat and rehabilitate athletes whose types of injuries were once career-ending. In addition to improved surgical techniques, sports medicine has also made tremendous strides in identifying, treating and preventing sports-related injuries through nonoperative care.
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Our Sports Medicine Team

Our sports medicine team consists of a fellowship-trained and board-certified sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon, sports specific physical therapists, experienced athletic trainers, certified strength & condition specialists and nutritionists. Our team of experts are skilled in sports injury prevention and treatment with the goal to get you back on the field, back to work or doing what you love to do safely and as quickly as possible.

What is a Sports Medicine Specialist?

A physician with significant specialized training in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. The Sports Medicine Specialist helps patients maximize function and minimize disability and time away from sports, work, or school.

Do Sports Medicine Specialists only treat competitive athletes?

No, Sports Medicine Specialists are ideal physicians for the non-athlete as well, and are excellent resources for the individual who wishes to become active or begin an exercise program. For the “weekend warrior” or “industrial athlete” who experiences an injury, the same expertise used for the competitive athlete can be applied to return the individual as quickly as possible to full function.

Marc P. Pietropaoli, MD

marc p. pietropaoli, mdMarc P. Pietropaoli, MD is recognized as one of the leading sports medicine specialists and orthopedic surgeons in Upstate New York.  He completed a Fellowship in Orthopedic Sports Medicine at the Andrews Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, Alabama (www.andrewscenters.com) under the direction of world-renowned sports medicine physicians James R. Andrews, M.D. and William G. Clancy, M.D.  Dr. Andrews has worked with hundreds of world-class athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Roger Clemens, Robert Griffin III, and more.  To learn more about Dr. Pietropaoli please click here.

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