Open MRI – Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics:

The Open MRI at Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics was designed with patient comfort in mind.   It features a pavilion-style shielding system. This allows for the MRI technologist to be in the same room as the patient during the scan.  It’s a scanner with an open style magnet that has no “tunnel effect.” This gives us the added ability to accommodate claustrophobic patients who cannot be scanned in other systems.


Your choice of music is also provided to help you relax during the MRI exam.  If need be, in most instances, a family member or friend can accompany the patient into the scan room.

S-Scan Open MRI
Digital X-ray – Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics
Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics offers on-site, state-of-the-art digital X-Ray services.  Our equipment can deliver excellent quality radiographic images in just seconds at very low dosages of radiation making it safe for both children and adults.
The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) seal means that the Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics Open MRI facility has met the highest level of imaging quality and radiation safety. Our facility and its personnel have gone through a rigorous and comprehensive review to earn accreditation status by the IAC, a 25-year-old imaging accrediting body providing peer review processes for multiple imaging modalities within the medical community.
Our Partner:
PROSCAN Reading Services
Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics has partnered with ProScan Reading Services. The ProScan radiology team is comprised of highly specialized, board-certified, and fellowship-trained radiologists. ProScan has one of the most extensive case experiences in the world and are recognized experts in all facets of advanced imaging, including orthopaedics and sports medicine.

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