Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics provides athletic training services to several area college, high school, athletic clubs, and sporting events through Central New York.   If you require short-term athletic training services for a specific sport or event or you are in need of long-term/more permanent services, our highly experienced team is ready to assist you.

As a coach or athletic director, you want to provide your athletes with every opportunity to perform at the highest level.  Our certified athletic trainers can help you achieve this goal by providing:

  • Sideline coverage at practices and games
  • Coordinating pre-participation physical exams
  • Daily rehabilitation of injured athletes in the clinic/training rooms
  • Strength & conditioning, and flexibility training
  • Injury prevention training – scientifically proven
  • Sports performance testing and training
  • Concussion awareness, monitoring and treatment
  • Educational programs for athletes, parents, coaches and athletic directors

Our Athletic Training Team

Our Athletic Trainers are a very important part of the healthcare team at Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics. Under the supervision of Dr. Marc P. Pietropaoli, they play a significant role in the management, prevention, recognition and rehabilitation of injured athletes and patients.  Often times, they provide an important communication link between our office, the injured athlete, the coach and sometimes the athlete’s family to determine when it is right to return to practice and competition.

All of the Athletic Trainers at Victory Sports Medicine are board certified by the Board of Certifications for the Athletic Trainer (BOCATC).

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Head Athletic Trainer
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