Exceptional Care for All Types of Injuries
Your body is a remarkable machine – a complex collection of joints, bones, muscles and ligaments – capable of amazing feats of motion, strength and stamina.

When your body is threatened by an injury to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle or knee – pain and lost mobility can stop you in your tracks.

If you need repair to a damaged shoulder or a torn knee ligament, a partial knee replacement or effective treatment for a wrist or arthritis problem, you’ll find it here.

We can return you to a productive, pain-free lifestyle with compassionate care and effective, personalized approach to your treatment.

We take to heart your goals and the things that are important to you – whether it’s getting back to the playing field or the basketball court, skiing, skating or golfing without pain or returning safely to work.


Our Experience

Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics has years of experience treating all types of sports related and orthopedic injuries.  Our compassionate, innovative and service oriented approach has proven to lead to faster recoveries and better outcomes for all types of injuries including fractures, torn ligaments, knee & ACL injuries, joint replacements, shoulder/rotator cuff injuries, foot & ankle injuries, sprains & strains and much more.

What Sets Us Apart

Sports Injuries

Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics specializes in the treatment of injuries common to athletes – the clinic is equipped to help recreational, student and professional athletes alike. We are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries. Whether you have an injury or pain from wear and tear, our goal is to develop an individualized plan to return you to
your normal activities or active lifestyle.  Dr. Marc Pietropaoli is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist.  He has performed countless knee, shoulder and elbow surgeries and treated thousands of sprains, strains, torn muscles and torn ligaments.

Work Injuries

Many people come to us with work-related and Workers’ Compensation covered injuries. The team at Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics has significant experience with Workers’ Compensation claims.  We handle information requests from referring physicians and case managers promptly and provide timely reports on you treatment and recovery progress.

Arthroscopic Surgery

When you injure your shoulder, knee or elbow, Dr. Marc Pietropaoli can help with minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery,  He can reconstruct your torn, ACL, MCL, LCL or PCL or repair your torn shoulder rotator cuff or UCL of the elbow with less scarring and recovery time than you ever thought possible.

Damaged Joints

Not long ago, a badly damaged shoulder, elbow or knee meant a permanent end to basic activities like walking, lifting and throwing.  But with today’s technology and Dr. Marc Pietropaoli’s skill, your damaged joints can be repaired or replaced.  You can regain not only basic movements, but can return to activities such as golf, skating, tennis, biking, hiking, skiing and all of your favorite team sports.

Carpal Tunnel Relief

If you have wrist pain from all that typing or any repetitive wrist motion, Dr. Pietropaoli can help you with minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery.  It only takes 15 to 20 minutes, but the results can give you years of relief.

Arthritis Pain & Lost Mobility

The constant pain and stiffness of arthritis can be devastating.  Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics has the experience, training and expertise to treat arthritis, reduce your pain and help you regain your lost mobility with an armament of nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments.  Our goal is to help you return to an active, independent lifestyle.


Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics is the clinic of choice for professional, collegiate, high school, and recreational athletes, as well as patients in need from all walks of life. Our office is equipped with the most advanced digital imaging and diagnostic equipment.  Our full integrated, professional healthcare team includes an orthopedic surgeon, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, a full-service physical therapy and athletic training staff, nurses, radiology technicians, certified strength & conditioning and injury prevention specialists.
Sports Medicine

Our team of experts are skilled in sports injury prevention and treatment

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Open MRI

The Open MRI at Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics was designed with patient comfort in mind.

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Physical Therapy

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PRP Therapy

A safe, non-surgical treatment to accelerate the body’s natural healing process

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Athletic Training

We provide athletic training services to several area college, high school and sporting events

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Custom Orthotics

Our custom foot orthotics can help you solve most foot support and performance problems

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Patient Testimonials
  • Steve Berwind, you saved my life today. Holy cow. I've been walking around with a potentially life-threatening blood clot in my leg, and you called it! You are a gifted diagnostician. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Saved My Life
    Diane H
  • as I have been a patient with victory sport for a while now. having the experience with several therapiest Laruen has been great has taught me so much before. PT Program is great experience before and after. MARGE
    Physical Therapy
  • Thank you to Dr. Pietropaoli for fixing my shoulder and my knee. Dr. P's entire staff from the office to the nurses, PAs, NPs, and Therapists are over the top. No "assembly line medicine" here at Victory.
    Shoulder and Knee
    Diane H
  • Great people great place can't wait till they start working on me
    Great People Great Place
    Albert B
  • Great place and great people.would highly recommend it.
    Would Highly Recommend
    Chris V
  • When I called at 430pm , They said they would wait for us. Son was injured during baseball . Josh and his nurse were waiting and even after hours were able to schedule us with a hand surgeon. Thank you Josh and all the staff st VSM!
    After Hours
    Karen M
  • Being a Mom of a disabled son I would like to thank Victory Sports for the time and excellent care you always give my son.. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
    Grateful Mom
    Peggy V
  • Dr. P took great care of our daughter's ACL repair. We truly felt as though we were getting special treatment; though I have heard from other patients that they felt the exact same way. The entire team from the front desk to the examination room was very caring and compassionate throughout the whole process. Dave Schultz was in charge of our daughter's PT program. He was extremely encouraging, yet firm and honest with her about her part of the healing process and what she would have to do to have a chance to be released in time to play soccer her senior year. He was tough on her and didn't mamby pamby her, but knew when she was having an off day. He not only took care of the physical part of her therapy, he helped her get ready mentally. It was a true pleasure working with the team at Victory Sports Medicine.
    ACL Repair
    Barbara N
  • Victory Sports Medicine Orthopedics is the place to go for your Orthopedics.needs Doctor Pietropaoli is the best he has done my knees my hand. The doctors are all friendly and listen to your concerns and explain what needs to be done to get on the road to recovery. This is the place to go you will not regret it .
    Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics is the place to go
    Ginger Brooks
  • Awesome staff! Everyone is so caring and compassionate.
    Awesome Staff
    Jessica Armstrong
  • On Jan. 6, 2015, I received a total knee replacement performed at Auburn Community Hospital by Dr. Marc Pietropaoli, M.D. The procedure was successful and I am on my way to recovery, ahead of schedule. The staff at Victory Sports Medicine is proffesional, and makes you feel comfortable during your appointments, and surgery in my case. The best in the area. Everyone makes you feel like family.
    Total Knee Replacement
    Dana Bergerstock
  • U.S. Luge Junior National TeamTo Dr P and staff, we want to thank you for all of your help over the years with our family's various injuries, but most especially with Sydney's recent ACL tear. We were afraid this would be career ending, but with your advice and treatment, she was able to train with the USA Luge Junior National Team as well as with her Candidate Team. She competed in this month's race off and finished 5th and 2nd in her two runs. Considering a month ago she couldn't walk, we couldn't be more happy! Thank you for everything you do!
    USA Luge Junior National Team
    Robin Axton

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