For your convenience, prescription refills for established patients of Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics are issued Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 4:30 PM. You can make your request by:
  • Calling our office at 315-685-7544 option 4
  • Contacting your pharmacy and have them submit the request to us (by electronic message, calling or faxing 315-685-7549)
In order to comply with your request, we will need to refer to your medical records. Depending on when you were last seen in the office, your provider may recommend an office visit for re-evaluation prior to dispensing medications.
Rx Pad

Tips for Prescription Refills

There are a few easy tips that can make the prescription refill process easier for you, your pharmacist and the provider.
Plan Ahead

Requests for refills require planning on your part. Please do not wait until the weekend or until your medication has completely run out. Your prescription refill may take 24 hours to process.

Please note, we cannot refill requests left with our after hours answering service.  For refills needed after hours, on a holiday, or on weekends, please contact our office on the next business day.

If you are planning to travel out of town, please make sure you have enough medication to take on your trip.

For a routine refill contact your pharmacy first

Calling the pharmacy before you contact the clinic can save you time when it comes to refilling your prescription. The pharmacy can easily fax a request to the provider including all the necessary information. You might even find out you have refills already available.

Controlled medications

By law, controlled medications, such as narcotics, must be called into the office and the actual paper prescription picked up. You may send someone to pick up your prescription, but we will check photo identification for prescriptions of controlled medications.