Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics is now offering the convenience of online bill payment.
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  • Save the cost and the hassle of buying stamps
  • Avoid late payments
  • Eliminate the privacy risks of mishandled postal mail
  • Feel confident you’re protected with the latest encryption tools
Please have your bill available when completing this form.  To pay your bill, use the Account Number located in the upper right side of your billing statement. Payments will be applied to the oldest outstanding balance on the account entered below and will not be applied to any other billing account. Payments will be posted on the next business day.

  • This number is located on top right side of your billing statement
  • We will send your receipt to this email address
  • Please use the same address where your credit card statement is mailed.
  • This is a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment.
    American Express
  • Please enter the amount you would like to pay

  • After hitting the Submit button you will receive a receipt for your payment which will also be emailed to you.

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