Press Release

As a proud sponsor of the annual Skinnyman Triathlon, Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopedics has been spending the past several weeks providing participants with information on how to prevent injuries, utilize weight training, get proper nutrition and avoid wear and tear on knees and hips as they prepare to compete in the 800-yard swim, 11-mile bike ride and a 3-mile run. This is the fourth consecutive year that Victory Sports Medicine has been a main sponsor of the event.

The event will be held on August 31 at Clift Park in Skaneateles. More than 600 people competed in last year’s triathlon, and even more are expected to participate this year.

“This is a great event – and it is a perfect fit for us to sponsor,” said Dr. Marc Pietropaoli, founder and owner of Victory Sports Medicine. “Everything we do is focused on the promotion of healthier lifestyles and education, and this creates a tremendous opportunity for individuals to get healthy and active and have fun doing it.”

Dr. Pietropaoli and his team are passionate believers that many of today’s health issues and injuries can be prevented through exercise, diet, and education. “The Skinnyman Triathlon is a demanding event and requires preparation and focus on all three,” he said.

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